Client Testimonials

A big thank you for breeding such wonderful Kittens! We have had our baby Murphy for a week now and I can’t tell you enough how much we love him! He learned to sit on command by the 2nd day and is so eager to learn and please. Our Vet could not believe how mellow he is for such a young kitten. We spent the weekend with our 2-year-old nephew and Murphy seemed to know he was a baby, and never jumped up on him! All of this, tells us that he came to us well socialized! Again, I highly recommend anyone looking for a “Maine Coon Kitten”, look no further than Maine Coon Cats Home!
Lisa Ann Lewisville, TX 75067
Hi! Just wanted to drop you an email about our Maine Coon Kitten we bought last weekend. He went to the vet today and checked out great. Gus is doing great! He is really adjusting well to his new home and surroundings. He is very active and is becoming King, even over our Boxer-Lab mix. We couldn’t have asked for a better Kitten! Thank you again for a wonderful Kitten! I will recommend you to anyone and everyone!
Jessica Bells Ocean Springs, MS 39564
could not be happier with my Maine Coon Kitten. He has a great temperament and gets many compliments on his overall looks wherever we go. Right from the get-go, my experience with Maine Coon Cats Home has been fantastic. From our initial meet and greet to bringing Leo home, the Kitten stages, and even now with a fully grown cat, Maine Coon Kitten Home has been so helpful when I have needed his advice. Maine Coon Cats Home and his team are there whenever I need them and even if I just want to brag and send updates or photos. They truly care about the well-being of their kittens long after they leave their care. Thanks, Dean and Ivy for doing what you do best…breeding great Maine Coon Kittens
Kathryn Faye Los Angeles CA
Recently I had to say Goodbye to the best dog I have ever owned, Ranger a rescued Great Pyrenees who I loved for over 10yrs. In the midst of the heartache, my dear husband found Gladora Kittens and the rest is history. I have my next wonderful gentle cat, Lulu. Although I can’t expect a duplicate of Ranger, I’m confident we have come very close. Lulu has the traits and disposition I need in a loving cat. The experience was excellent. Gladora kittens is accurate and trustworthy, not to mention a great resource. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you!
Richard Owens Richmond Virginia
Maine coon Cats Home! Thank you so much for my lovely Kittens She is so fluffy, energetic and so much beautiful! We call her Annie. She is only the second day with us and already become a family honey! She loves running in the garden with our second dog Jerry. Jerry is quite jealous of her, but I think they will become best of friends in a few days I will send you more photos and videos in the evening With love
Rhonda Key Atlanta, GA 30303
The first day that we contacted with Maine coon Cats Home was just the beginning of a wonderful experience. Starting from the day we meet to the day we picked Danny up from our airport, they guided us the whole way. Gladora Maine Coon Kitten Home is a knowledgeable dedicated breeder, that truly cares for their Kittens. They continued to offer support in any way they can. My cat is in his new home, you can truly see the passion, love, and quality that comes out of Maine coon Kitten Home. This is our second cat, from them, and I can assure you that we will never look anywhere else in the future. Maine Coon cats Home and your team, from our family to yours, a BIG thank you for a delightful new addition
Donnie Watts Austin TX
Thank you so much for your wonderful help & advice throughout the whole process of picking our little kitten. He completes our home . We can’t wait to watch him grow & be a part of our lives. You’ve done a wonderful job in his early life & we thank you for that. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase a Maine Coon Kitten. Thanks a lot.
Anita Bolls Washington DC
I found out about your cattery back in 2016 and got a pair of Gladora Maine Coon Kittens and now my business has improved tremendously. I now make more sales than before as many customers now visit my store to buy with a second intention that they want to talk and play with my kittens. Oh, I recommend them, contact them and they will not disappoint you.
Mary R. Silva, NJ New Jersey