We respond to all our customer inquiries within 24 hours with gratitude and 100% attention.

Do you want to purchase a kitten?

I) You visit our website, on the “Available kittens” page, you will find a list of all kittens we have available at the moment. Use the contact form to let us know the kitten you are interested in. You can find the contact form by clicking on “contact us” on the website

II) Once we receive your inquiry, an agent will contact you within 24 hours Max, to confirm that your kitten has been put on hold if you wish to purchase at a later date (seven days Max) or provide you with your kitten’s lifetime satisfaction guarantee and an invoice if you wish to purchase immediately.

I11) We will within 2 business days of receiving payment, confirm your order, process all required paperwork, have our licensed veterinarian perform a last-minute routine check-up on your kitten and we book the flight for a Monday, Wednesday or Friday (You may indicate which day suits you best).

IV) Once the flight is booked, we will provide you with the flight number, date and time of departure and arrival as well as all info you will require to pick up the kitten upon arrival

V) Within 24 hours of takeoff, our staff will place a follow-up call to confirm that your pet arrived safely and that you have taken possession of your pet.

VI) Please, don’t forget to take your kitten to your vet



Shipping is available and the cost is $150 within the Continental U.S. and the World, We are happy to make all the flight arrangements and will ensure your Kitten has everything necessary to make the flight. Arrangements can also be made to meet you at the airport. *Shipping maybe or may not be included in the Kitten’s price.

We ship our kittens using airlines because it is the fastest & safest way to transport our kittens from our location to yours especially if you live far away or in another state. Our kittens are shipped in an airline-approved plastic pet kennel that we customize depending on the weight of the kitten, and the distance or duration of the journey. They ride in a special climate-controlled & pressurized compartment on the plane which is no different from the cabin. They are not in the same compartment as the passenger luggage, They are flown in the Main Cabin


As a health measure and safety precaution for our Kittens and Moms, our home is not open to the general public for visits. If you have a confirmed reservation on an upcoming litter, you will have the opportunity to meet our parents (that live here) at our home when you pick up your kitten on pick-up day, when your Kitten is 11 weeks of age!

Thanks for understanding!!!



Microchipped under your name

Examined twice by our veterinarian

Guaranteed 1 year congenital/hereditary, genetic vice

Guaranteed 10 days for viral diseases

Blanket and toy

Copies of the parent’s genetic and health tests

6 weeks of free pet insurance with PetSecure

Our Kittens are sold to the public as pets only and without breeding rights. Please take note